After constantly being asked by family and co-workers what the weather was going to do, I decided to pursue my love of weather and make my forecasts available to businesses and the general public.  I also like to prepare the public when the other local weather sources are clueless to what will happen or just will not be bold enough to say what they think. The public needs to have a weather source that is not afraid to tell it like it is and will prepare you for the worst and hope for the best.

I give credit to God for the gift of forecasting weather as without him I am nothing. We hope that you enjoy the service(s) we provide and look forward to “Preparing you for the Weather”.  My love of weather began when I was in 5th grade, that is when my interest went from astronomy to meteorology. My first local news weather personality was Steve Raleigh out of Charlotte on WCNC-TV and I watched him every night on the news.

In 6th grade, my homeroom teacher suggested to the librarian to have a segment on our video announcements so I could tell everyone the weather for the day and you can imagine the excitement when being able to actually do this. During this time and even up to today, I read books and articles to better help me understand the exact workings of the weather and what makes it turn violent sometimes. Now, I have my Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Atmospheric Science as well but nothing makes up a degree like actually observing and predicting.

I have over 20 years experience in forecasting the weather and actually created my first 5 day forecast with colored pencils on an index card. There is nothing like the unique climatology in the Southeast states. This is the reason why I use weather models as a tool and not the only means of forecasting because many times what the models show is not reality. My favorite season is winter and I love making snowfall accumulation maps (even more so when I am getting the snow) to prepare others for the possibility of snow. I hope this helps explain a little more about who I am and my passion for the weather.